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Volatium® – the new standard for transparency in retirement planning products

Volatium® is the standard that creates the basis for all-round transparency. It not only includes all costs but also shows the overall opportunities and risks of all retirement planning products in one go.

The underlying Volatium® process and the Volatium® profiles correspond to a uniform standard and thereby enable genuine comparison and transparency.

MORGEN & MORGEN is a neutral third party and certifies both the correct application of the Volatium® process by means of an actuarial assessment and the correct depiction of the Volatium® profiles.

All certified profiles receive a ‘graphical Volatium® certificate stamp’, which shows the application of the Volatium® standard at a glance.

This means that insurers cannot use a modified version of the standard, which in turn lays the foundations for genuine consumer friendliness in the sense of transparency and comparability.

  • Volatium® takes ALL COSTS into account
  • Volatium® shows ALL OPPORTUNITIES and RISKS

Volatium® Modell

All retirement planning products can be presented and compared transparently with the innovative Volatium® method, because it shows how probable different returns are and illustrates the opportunities and risks of the individual products.

To do so it simulates developments on capital markets and then tests how the products perform in these development scenarios. This involves generating 10,000 possible capital market developments, which are known as ‘paths’. Each policy is calculated for each of these paths: the result is thus 10,000 rates of return.

An important element is that these policy calculations are based on real policies and do not make modelling assumptions on the pricing of policies. The results are then analysed statistically to produce a probability distribution curve for the individual rates of return. These probability curves are presented in graphical form as Volatium® profiles

Uniform process at all levels:

  • Uniform simulation base (capital market scenarios)
  • Uniform simulation of the concrete policy
  • Uniform presentation of the opportunities and risks in the form of certified Volatium® profiles

Volatium® process documentation

You can find the documentation on Volatium® – the new standard for transparency – here.

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